A vegan diet is about living more compassionately and more consciously. It is a lifestyle of pure intention. This purposeful way of living will bring you inner peace, and if done right, provide complete nutrition your body has never seen before! In this blog we explore the latest science in vegan nutrition. The complex science […]

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India has a  wide variety of regional cuisines as every state has regional dishes .mostly Indian food is influenced by religion cultural and tradition.

Indian food you will get reflection of various groups of culture

Indian food you will get vegetable, beans grain and dairy products in some food meat and egg.

Staple Indian food is rice, wheat and different kind of lentils .

popular Indian spices which make food mouth-watering and give aroma are chilli,

garlic .ginger ,cumin ,asafoetida ,black mustard ,bay  leaves, garam  masala ,clove ,fenugreek,nutmeg coriander ,cardamom.